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Di Thompson

Di Thompson

Tech-savvy Professional Business Mentor

Tech-savvy business strategy to help your business thrive

You’ve been in business for quite a few years, doing quite well but no matter how fast you’re pedalling, technology is moving faster. You know that you need someone to come in and give you some help.

An independent, unbiased point of view

You feel like you need to talk to someone who’s tech-savvy, who’s not only worked with businesses but has run more than one successful business of their own. Someone who knows how to walk the talk. I’m Di Thompson from Working Strategy, an early adopter who knows business and knows how to make technology work for business.

“I need help because I can’t keep up with things…”

That’s what my clients tell me, and I’m the perfect person to help them. As an early adopter (mobile phone brick in 1987, joined Facebook in 2007, LinkedIn and Twitter in 2008, owned C&PA technology business from 1991. I’ve always been interested in technology.

But it’s not about technology for technology’s sake

It’s really about…

• How can we use this technology for our business?

• How can we use technology to be more productive?

• How can we link this to what’s going to happen in the future?

• Which technology is right for us?

• How can we keep our business ahead of the curve instead of behind the 8-ball?

How Working Strategy has helped other Adelaide businesses

Maybe you need help with business strategy and advice, or networking and collaborative connections. Perhaps you could do with a more focused marketing strategy, a better handle on social media or online marketing. Or you might want to start with a brainstorming session to help create some new out-of-the-box ideas to differentiate yourself from the competition. I can help you.

Stop the panic let’s go!

Whether you’re an entrepreneurial startup or a business that’s been going for many years, I can help you. If you’d like to find out how, call me today (link to contact us page) and book a no-obligation 45 minute consult at my office in the Adelaide CBD or at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside.

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